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New fantastic Snow Queen review by Simong on POTV

“After expressing my curiosity and fear of this eliquid in another thread Paul from Druids Brew was kind enough to send me a bottle to try. ….. to try. I didn’t accept the bottle in return for a review but I’m going to do one anyway because I suspect that a lot of you reading this will be thinking the same thing from the description as I was “I like Bread of Heaven and I like Crow Black but I’m not sure about this one!” … anyway just so you know I didn’t pay for this bottle and I wasn’t paid to write this. 🙂

So what is the slightly terrifying description of the liquid that had put me off buying it? ….

Vape Club says “Snow Queen eLiquid by The Druid’s Brew is a balanced blend of Boiled Mint Sweets along with earthy Tobacco.”

The Druids Brew website says “This is a sweet and complex ADV vape- A traditional minty, boiled sweet blended into a warm, woody tobacco with a fresh finish.”

… and finally the HWBLBWBL website says “This is a true tobacco menthol: a unique blend of smooth tobacco flavours with a hint of mint finely balanced with menthol. This equilibrium generates mysterious twists: sharp, warm, juicy- never boring. SQ will appeal to vapers looking for an all day vape who have struggled to find a menthol they like, even those who think that menthol isn’t for them. Not simply a tobacco menthol- a menthol renaissance.“

So menthol fags with a bit of sweetener right? …. Well no, and prepare to be surprised as I was when I first tasted this liquid.

Really I should have known better after tasting Bread of Heaven and Crow Black to think that the mighty Druid would just chuck a tobacco flavour and some menthol into a bottle and sell it. Paul’s input into the recent collaboration with Manabush to produce the Indigene range should have made it obvious to me that chucking tobacco and menthol together to create ‘Menthol Tobacco’ isn’t going to cut it for Druids Brew, they have a little more passion as mixers than that.

So, what did I think on my first inhale (12mg on a corolla v1.5) … my first thought was “This is a bit weird” my second thought was “What the hell is that I’m tasting” and my third thought was “OK, this is not what I was expecting”

I was vaping away on it for a little while but I wasn’t sure if I really liked it or not. I knew I didn’t hate it and I had to go and visit my Mum this afternoon so I filled the tank up with Snow Queen and headed out for the afternoon so I could give it a fair crack of the whip before deciding if I would buy it again or not…..

So… you must be all thinking “Shut up and tell us what it does taste like you dummy” ….. alas if only it was that easy.

I’ll tell you first what is doesn’t taste like to me ….. a menthol cigarette, but what is does taste of is pretty hard to describe, it reminds me of so many things from my past that I don’t taste that often now.

It reminds me of Pear Drops, it reminds me of Winter Mixture, it reminds me of Crow Black, it reminds me of Murry Mints, it reminds me of smoking a cigarette while you have a mouthful of sweets, it reminds me of strange boiled sweets my Gran gave me when I was a kid which always had an unusual exotic flavour that didn’t taste like my usual sweets. It reminds me of my favourite tobacco liquids … it’s all that and more, it’s pretty indescribable.

“Thanks dickhead, I read all that shit and that’s the best you can do?” I can imagine you muttering under your breath and I don’t blame you, so what can I say to help?

If you hate menthol liquids and dislike mint liquids DO NOT let that put you off this liquid. Personally I cant even taste the menthol, it’s very subtle and combined with the mint (which is also quite subtle) it’s a very very different effect to what you might imagine, think of it as more of a flavour enhancer than a flavour in itself. … like you might add a fresh mint leaf to a cocktail or some food. It’s there but it’s not in your face (or your throat)

So my final verdict? Well, I’ve been vaping it all afternoon and all evening and yes I do like it. … and yes I will be buying some more along with my next BoH or Crow order.

The best way to describe it is like a really good album, after the first listen you think it’s ok but you still prefer the band’s other albums, it doesn’t sound like you were expecting ….. then after listening a few more times you get to know the lyrics and the tunes, get to understand them a little better. … then after several years it becomes your favourite album by that band because while it was different and it seemed a bit weird and unusual compared to the previous albums you actually realise one day that it’s a masterpiece…… It’s basically ‘The Black Album’ by the Damned.

… If you are curious but in doubt (as I was) I urge you to give this one a try, I think it will surprise you if you are willing to give it a chance and put any preconceived notions about ‘menthol tobaccos’ aside…. it’s a weird one but it’s proper nice. 🙂

Big thanks to Paul for giving me the opportunity to try this liquid out.”

Thank you simong for such a fantastic review. You can read it on Planet of the Vapes here (POTV)Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Important flavour News!

Just to let you know all three flavours have been passed as safe for use on contents and emissions to the most exacting standards in the industry as part of the new regulations for the TPD.

This was by no means a given: there are many common constituent compounds that might have caused an issue which would have required a reformulation.
I am very happy to announce that this won’t be necessary!

We could have given this a bit of a swerve and run on unscrutinised 0mg with added shots. Many companies will be doing this.
We might well still do this as well (perhaps for established customers and new flavour development) but our main decision was to do the responsible thing and submit to the full process.
I know this is only one of many potential hurdles in that this little business faces- ahead of us we have the question of multipacks and whether our core customers will prefer these to large bottles with 18mg shots (not a good solution for people who want 18mg for example) but this is an important victory for us.

For any past present or future users of Snow Queen, Bread of Heaven and Crow Black this is also a victory: they are (and always have been) safe to use.
Let that sink in for a moment.

I am greatly indebted to Concept Liquids and House of Liquid for their unstinting assistance in arriving at this point.
They are simply wonderful and none of this would have been possible without them. Thank you Georgio!

With thanks to Claudia and Luca for the lovely picture


Not sure whether to try Snow Queen? Here are some reviews

A selection of positive reviews for Snow Queen from where Snow Queen is rated as one of the top juices.


“Saying that Snow Queen is a tobacco and menthol juice would probably be doing it an injustice. It is so much more than that.

On the inhale is a round and balanced tobacco, light but with hints of dark leaves. There are also subtle hints of citrus. The menthol aspect is gentle and has hints of spearmint. Unlike a lot of menthol juices, the level of menthol in Snow Queen is perfectly balanced and is neither too strong so that it overpowers the other flavours, or too weak so that that it seems like an afterthought. All of the flavours are there to enjoy without any one component dominating. The whole experience is one of depth.

The overall impression is of a perfectly balanced juice that is subtle and slightly sweet. There’s an excellent after taste that leaves a minty freshness with a pleasant tobacco note. Throat hit is excellent at the 24mg strength that I’m vaping and vapour production is also good from the 50/50 PG/VG mix.

I’ve tried many different menthol juices and never really found one that I wanted to carry on vaping, until now”


“This juice has been my alldayer since it was first launched.

There are a lot of menthol juices around, and there are a lot of tobacco juices but no really outstanding menthol tobacco juices until Snow Queen, and believe me, I have tried them all.

At first I didn’t know what to make of it, but after using it for a couple of days I was hooked, you have to give this juice a chance.

The flavour is difficult to describe, it’s a complex tobacco flavour, without the toffee or caramel which makes the others sickly. The menthol is tuned just right as to not ruin the flavour but still give you that extra bit of a kick.

The throat hit is what you would expect from a menthol, pretty much on par with a cigarette really, this all varies depending on your setup though.

It’s 50/50 PG/VG (I think), vapour production will depend on your setup but if you like to blow clouds out of your mouth this juice will deliver, equally if you want to turn the airflow down and bit and enjoy the flavour without looking like a steam train it also lends itself to that.

The aftertaste… I can’t really say it has a distinct aftertaste, but the scent of it often gets comments, it smells quite sweet and pleasant, almost like a candy floss. Everyone in my house approves 😀

You won’t be disappointed.”


“I decided to try Snow Queen not quite knowing what to expect. I have never liked the menthol flavours but Snow Queen is an amazing blend and I love the juice. It is my ADV and despite trying numerous other juices I cannot find anything that even comes close to this or that I could consider using as an alternative ADV.

The flavours are complex with tobacco and a slight hint of menthol. It gives an excellent throat hit and has kept me off the cigarettes!!! Absolutely fabulous liquid that I cannot recommend enough! You should definately try this!!”


“For anyone wondering about this juice, thinking that they’ve tried menthol type juices before and didn’t like them, Snow Queen is definitely something a bit special.

I’d tried menthol tobaccos in the past and wasn’t too keen. Way too much menthol with not much else happening. Menthol has a way of drowning out any other flavours as it’s so strong to try and overcome. Snow Queen is bang on though. :nod:

I’d say it’s less of a menthol tobacco, and more of a tobacco menthol, if that makes sense? The balance of flavours is just right. I was lucky enough to be chosen to beta test this juice. Some of the earlier tests were a bit too menthol-y for me, but now Paul has nailed the ratios down to a T.

I don’t get much similarity between this and BoH to be honest, other than the fact they’re both more complex than most juices. I find that just as BoH can taste different from day to day, so does Snow Queen. Just as BoH is, Snow Queen is easy on the coils too. After 15ml, my coil seems to be doing well.

If anyone is on the fence about ordering, you should seriously give this a try, whether you’re a fan of menthol or not.”


New Flavour ‘Crow Black’ Coming Soon!

We have an exciting new flavour being released in the next few weeks!

Crow Black: A medium-sweet, creamy pudding vape with a dark twist. Playful, mysterious, delicious.

50/50 mixture. Crow Black will be available in the usual strengths and sizes.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail