Important flavour News!

Just to let you know all three flavours have been passed as safe for use on contents and emissions to the most exacting standards in the industry as part of the new regulations for the TPD.

This was by no means a given: there are many common constituent compounds that might have caused an issue which would have required a reformulation.
I am very happy to announce that this won’t be necessary!

We could have given this a bit of a swerve and run on unscrutinised 0mg with added shots. Many companies will be doing this.
We might well still do this as well (perhaps for established customers and new flavour development) but our main decision was to do the responsible thing and submit to the full process.
I know this is only one of many potential hurdles in that this little business faces- ahead of us we have the question of multipacks and whether our core customers will prefer these to large bottles with 18mg shots (not a good solution for people who want 18mg for example) but this is an important victory for us.

For any past present or future users of Snow Queen, Bread of Heaven and Crow Black this is also a victory: they are (and always have been) safe to use.
Let that sink in for a moment.

I am greatly indebted to Concept Liquids and House of Liquid for their unstinting assistance in arriving at this point.
They are simply wonderful and none of this would have been possible without them. Thank you Georgio!

With thanks to Claudia and Luca for the lovely picture